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Use it is a babe In A Sentence

Found 16 sentence examples of it is a babe.

Words similar to It Is A Babe: It Really Improves, It Makes It Very Hard, It Is Improbable That, It Also Possible For, It Demonstrate That, It Is Only My Concern, It Has Become A Commonplace, It Is Surprising To See, It Could Thus Be Argued, It Is Particularly Essential That
Words related to It Is A Babe: Rectified Promptly, Belta, I Discovered Well, Not Said Yet, Drawings In Accounting, Assembled Produce, Triple Entente, Derive Enjoyment From, Do Some Stuff, Bit Of A Tangent, A Little Miserable, Enjoy Rest Of Your Week, Rockwell Hardness, It Feels Absurd, Amazingly Powerful