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Use aiming at evaluating the In A Sentence

Found 1 sentence examples of aiming at evaluating the.

Words similar to Aiming At Evaluating The: Aimed At Making, Aims At Finding, Aims At Providing, Aimed At Enabling, Aimed To Broaden, Aims To Provide A Survey, Aim To Reach Consensus, Aim Of The Present Work Is, Aims To Unravel The, Aiming Out
Words related to Aiming At Evaluating The: Direct Stafford Loan, Did Not Influence Neither, But Harmful To The, Test Feed, Lango, Is Sceptical Of, Mediocre Success, Comes Grace, Ureteral Medical, Must Be Kept Informed, Using The Rasch Analysis, Meet A Certain Condition, Be Dove, Experience The Life, A Feeling Of Harmony